One of our favorite florist Ashley Woodson Bailey of The Byrd Collective just opened up a shop and we’re smitten. We knew it was going to be beautiful!  It launched just this morning and we’re in awe of all the floral prints. Her love for flowers runs deep

“I was four years old when I discovered flowers. It was honeysuckle vine growing wildly up a neighbor’s fence and it smelled like candy. The most delicious and sweet candy I had ever come across, and I wanted to eat it.  From there I started to notice all the beautiful flowers that grew in my native land of South Coastal Texas. Everywhere I turned I was surrounded by lantana, bougainvillea and oleander and I loved all of it.  The colors.  The overgrown lushness of the terrain was intoxicating.  It wasn’t until many years later that I realized I wanted flowers to be apart of my everyday life.”


I wanted flowers to be apart of my everyday life.


We can really get a good sense of her soulful spirit in these images. Especially the contrast between light and dark. If we ever get the opportunity to meet her, we would be kindred spirits.

We truly believe that everyone has story to tell. Even a flower. And to know that Ashley sees that every stem has a story too, is beautiful. These breathtaking prints deserves a special place in your new home as Mr. and Mrs. don’t you think? In your library, next to your reading corner, above the mantel, or how about near the entrance to remind you how blessed and wonderful life is. Thank you Ashley, for sharing with us your love for flowers and for showing us where beauty lies in every single petal. Check out her new shop and purchase her beautiful prints online here. I know we will. xo, Lucia