The sand dunes is one of many wonders of the world and I can certainly say it is. We did a photoshoot a few years back in California and it’s one that I will never forget. Today, we’re excited to share a stunning anniversary session that took place in the most gorgeous sand dunes. Photographer Megan Lee says, “I’ve always been inspired by the dramatic landscapes of the west. Never-ending scenes appear barren but are somehow vibrant and teeming with color. Every sunset and sunrise in the west is like a bright golden gift, an ever-changing oil painting. Hues of orange, blue, and purple are reflected from the rolling hills of sand creating a few minutes of surreal magic.

If you search online you’ll see that there are sand-dunes in nearly every western state of the USA. It’s surprising to find them so far from the coast, instead scattered under mountains and minutes from forests and cities. Montana, Colorado, Wyoming and Utah each have their own sand dunes – and as you’ll see – they make beautiful locations for photography!

Later this month, Seth & Drea will be celebrating their 1st anniversary. Seth has a comedic spirit and an intelligent, calculating mind. Drea is a gorgeous, fun-loving creative, and together these two are a riot. They support each other and built each other up with their words, in ways that are generous and kind.”

How did Seth and Drea meet? They met when they were 12 years old when they went to the same church. Such a sweet story!

What’s one thing does Drea love about Seth? “I love how he makes me feel important.”

Is it their similarities or their differences that brings them together? “We have a lot of interests in common, but I think our differences because our personalities balance each other out.”

? “Getting rid of pride or drama, and supporting each others schedules.”

What was the best marriage advice they’ve received? “Allow God to be a part of your family and it will all go a lot smoother.”

Seth, I love you, You’re my whole world.
Love, Drea