Lucia Dinh Pador

Founder / Visionary Maven & Lover of People

Lucia met Phil while swing dancing, tried introducing him to a girlfriend while salsa dancing but ended up keeping him for herself through the Argentine tango. 8 years later of dating (and dancing together), they are now happily married for 6 years. She still blushes when she talks about him. She loves everything about her faith, cooking, traveling, swimming, is a nerd when it comes to color, typography and design, and secretly dreams of being a professional hip hop dancer.

Phil Pador

Silent Investor / The Better Half

Phil met Lucia in ballroom dancing class and instantly fell for her contagious laughter. They dated for 8 years, were engaged for 2 and are now married for 6 years. By day he’s a MRI Tech and by night he’s motivated to helping Lucia grow UE. He loves talking about his faith, talking numbers, chasing waves and bodyboarding with his twin brother, jumping off a high diving board, living a healthy lifestyle, and secretly dreams of becoming a brewmaster and crafting his own beer one day.

Phung Quach

Copy Editor / Team Cheerleader

Phung may be an optometrist by trade, but she’s a wordsmith by nature. While she’s not doing eye exams, reading eye charts and writing for UE, her hands are always full with her 2 energetic boys and her loving husband. She loves going on play dates, eating Korean BBQ, buying anything that’s blue, hanging out at the beach and secretly dreams of having a little girl one day.