Our Mission

Combining our passion for design and storytelling to empower you to love more, create a meaningful wedding, live a more intentional and authenticate life, and experience a married life you love together.

Our Story

When Lucia founded Utterly Engaged in 2009, her mission was to create a unique space on the internet for women to discover, create and connect in every stage of their life, starting with their wedding. Lucia didn’t want to create just another wedding magazine or website, but she was set on to create Utterly Engaged to be a movement and a voice for love. With a now printed magazine and a brand new website, she hopes that Utterly Engaged will be place for every women to slow down, share stories, and to remind them to bring it back to love, marriage, partnerships and a union that’s meaningful, thoughtful, relaxed, stylish and fashionable. Utterly Engaged is here to encourage and empower more love, beauty, life, truth and togetherness.

The UE Girl

The UE girl believes in love and is passionate about life. Sees the good in others. Loves to surprise her friends but gets really sappy when she’s on the receiving end. Likes to dance and not afraid to bust into the Gangnam style routine when the occasion calls for it. Knows a good design when she sees one. Can rock an expensive pair of heels but would rather be in comfy ballet flats. Is smart and resourceful especially when it’s for a worthy cause. Never says no to a perfectly good macaron.

Our Core Values


We believe in love. That means giving of ourselves for others.


Patience, honesty, integrity, forgiveness, vulnerability and being transparent is the glue that creates lasting relationships.


The cure for everything. It’s even better if you cry while laughing.

Being brave

Never underestimate a small idea. We encourage you to be courageous today, tomorrow, and always.


There’s always room to grow. Be a dreamer. Create and innovate. And Act. Leaders learn by doing.


Support the people who’ve supported you. We are always better together.

People matter

Don’t judge, but be a listener especially when you don’t know their story. We are all born with ability to make an impact in someone’s life, don’t waste it. We are a part of “people over profit” movement.


Be kind to yourself and to others. Always come from a humble and grateful heart. Give more and expect nothing in return is our mantra.


Grounded on the belief that we are the hands and hearts of God, let us use our gifts of creativity to inspire, uplift and empower each other.