A Sweet Proposal in a Tree

We love proposals! Even more so when it’s secretly being filmed or photographed. We were so excited when Mariah of Amari Productions sent us this adorable proposal that they captured. We just had to share it with you.

My biggest fear was her falling out of the tree…

I kept thinking, “With my luck, she’s going to fall out of the tree right before I propose.” …And then, sure enough, she did. Everything was going perfectly to plan. We were walking through the park looking for a nice, big tree to have a picnic in. I led her to the biggest tree in the park where I previously planted the ring up in the branches. When she discovered the handmade box locked to the tree I could tell by the joy on her face that she knew something was about to happen. As she moved to the other branch, she slipped in her cute cowgirl boots, and before I could catch her the worst had happened. I quickly grabbed the box with the ring, hopped down from the tree, and checked to see if she was okay. With only a few scratches and a smile on her face, I proceeded to get down on one knee and ask my love to marry me. Though sore from the fall, she still said yes with an uncontrolled dance… And it all worked out just as expected. – Aaron