A Splendid Survey for the Recently Married and Engaged


Happy Monday! To start the week, we want to let you know how much we value you our readers and the way you think, feel and do the things that you do! That’s why we invite you to participate in this global survey of recently married and engaged couples by Splendid Communications.┬áThe survey is open to anyone who got married 2007 and later or who is currently planning on tying the knot. It’s also a global survey, so brides or grooms in any country are welcome to participate. All answers are anonymous and the entire thing should take about five minutes to complete.

Because the results will come from a wide audience engaging with a variety of websites and companies, the results won’t be skewed towards one specific company, type of company, or type of couple. This will give a more accurate look at how today’s couples plan their weddings.These insights are so valuable because they can help vendors in the wedding industry improve their customer service, and provide services and products that meet actual client needs, and help bloggers and magazines to understand what readers want to see and feature materials that are relevant to you! So please take a few minutes to complete this survey and help the wedding industry grow to better serve you! Thank you!

xoxo, Henny & Lucia