A Homegrown Kentucky Engagement

This weekend, my family will be moving to our 4th place, since we were married in 2008. With each move, it seems that we have added another member to our growing family. And it really made me reminisce about our first tiny apartment when it was just the two of us, when late night frozen yogurt run and Grey’s Anatomy marathon were the thing to do. Lol.

This sweet homegrown engagement from Kentucky, captured by Honey Heart Photography, got me reminiscing about those good ol’ days. I remember our first kiss was when my hubby took me on a long drive in his green Chevy pickup truck to his “star place” where he always used to go when he needed to think or be alone. It was quiet and beautifully serene. It’s these moments that I will cherish forever. I hope you are savoring every moment with your love!

– Henny









Photo: Honey Heart Photography // Hair Stylist: Fleet Street Hair //  Venue: Boyd Orchards