Oregon is such a beautiful place and photographer Kelly Anne said it so perfectly, “You could spend months there traveling the country side photographing all of it’s wonders. Wachella Falls is, by far, one of the most beautiful places.” Thus, she was inspired to create an editorial about a bride traveling through the mythical forest of Oregon. The story starts down stream with the bride moving closer and closer to the falls. Each image leading you through the woods, across rivers, and up the mountains. Being in the presence of such a powerful natural element was moving.” I love this concept, because you usually see bridal portraits on the beach, but this is so perfect for the nature loving bride.

Dress choice was imperative for this location. Elizabeth Dye’s Melrose gown had the perfect mixture of boho elegance that paired so nicely with the beautiful surroundings.

The strong wind coming off of the falls made for lots of natural movement which translated so well in photographs. Hart Floral Design created a natural bouquet, as if the bride had gone off the trail to pick them herself.

Photography Kelly Anne Photography | Gown Elizabeth Dye | Floral Designer Hart Floral Design | Models Option Models