A blessing in disguise

Lately there have been some tragic accidents happening, with the bus accident in San Francisco, the South Korean ferry capsizing, the two firetrucks colliding in Monterey Park. Our hearts are heavy and our prayers go out to those affected by the incidents and the search team in South Korea.

Sometimes events like these make us question why. Although we may never quite fully understand why at the moment or ever, I do believe that everything happens for a reason.

And sometimes, just sometimes, accidents turn out to be a blessing in disguise. It seems the case with our couple Ann and David. Maybe reading their story can give us a sense of hope.



The first time Anna and David corresponded was over e-mail. David was apart of a Bible study led by Anna’s uncle in Pennsylvania. When he heard that Anna had been in an accident, he reached out to her with encouragement and told her he was praying for her daily. Anna had been receiving a lot of emails, so she didn’t respond.

Four months later Anna came across David’s e-mail again and felt the need to write back. David responded. Anna responded. Next thing they knew they were video chatting for four hours at a time. But after meeting in person and keeping in touch, they didn’t pursue their relationship at that time, because Anna didn’t want to commit to a long distance relationship, and they dated other people.

One day, David found Anna’s photography website. He instant messaged her to talk about her new work, and they were back in touch and video chatting all night again.

Their first date was a destination one. Anna took a bus from Boston and David drove from Pennsylvania to meet in New York City for their first official date. They walked around the city taking pictures and ice skated in Rockefeller Center. Months after they’ve gotten to know each other’s family, David made the move to Massachusetts be closer to Anna, while starting over his photography business. They enjoyed living in the same state and grew closer every day. It eventually became clear that the natural next step was marriage.





Anna and David were spending the New Year’s Eve apart with their own families. David had planned to visit Anna and her family the next day, but Anna came down with the flu and slept most of the day. He managed to convince her to take a walk with him to get fresh air and she took him to some of her favorite childhood play spots. When they got back to the house, they sat on the porch, Anna’s favorite place in the world, where she took some of her first steps, read her first book, and spent many rain storms and summer evenings sitting with her grandparents. So it was the perfect place for David to go down on one knee and ask for her hand in marriage. And of course she said yes!






ANNA: My mom found it! I wasn’t sold when she saw it on the rack. but when I put it on I finally felt the way I wanted to feel when I got married, like myself. All the other dresses did something to make me feel just pretty, or just sexy. I felt like I was looking at myself in this dress. My mom secretly called my dad to help me seal the deal (it was a little more money than I wanted to spend). My dad showed up and surprised me and talked me out of my fears of spending money on it, and all was bliss :).



Anna found “Little Big Farm”, an organic flower farm in Blairstown, and she fell head over heels for it. The farm owner Patti helped Anna choose flowers in season within her budget and the farm grew them just for their wedding! Patti grew a variety of creamy white and yellow flowers for the tables, and grew flowers for the bridesmaids to assemble their own bouquets the morning of the wedding, that included white zinnia, white gomphrena, solidago, white dahlias, sweet annie, sylphid celosia. Anna’s bouquet was a Larkspur bunch wrapped in lace. The bouts were white buds, greens, and wheat sprays.



SWEET DETAIL: The flowers tossed by the flower girls were dried petals from all the flowers David ever bought Anna.












Anna: Our cake was chocolate espresso with buttercream icing. All made from scratch by my sister Eleanora! She put some of the extra flowers on it and topped it with our grandparent’s cake topper from their wedding in Italy 60 years ago!



What was the biggest challenge you had to overcome while planning your wedding?

Anna: Having enough time and energy to get everything done! Both of us worked full time during the week while photographing weddings on the weekends. We had to design everything from scratch because the farm was not a venue, from tents, chairs, caterer, everything! It was fun, but we’re glad that the process is over!


What was the most memorable part of your wedding?

Anna: Our first dance. We re-recorded an old song that I had written for David with an extra verse added in. We felt so close, and so happy to be surrounded by our family and best friends!


CREDITS Planner: Anna (the bride) // Photographer: Laura Leslie Photography // Venue: Gaisler Farm // Floral: Little Big Farm // Caterer: Mara’s Cafe // Wedding cake: Eleanora Sparling (bride’s sister) // Hair: Jessica Rousseau (bridesmaid) // Makeup: Anna (the bride) // Wedding Dress: Jim Hjelm, Blush. Sweater from Crochet Butterfly, Etsy // Veil: Distinctive Veils // Bride’s shoes: Franco Sarto // Bridesmaids Dresses: Anne Taylor, eShakti, thrift shops, T.J. Maxx // Groom’s attire: Tailor4Less custom suit // Groom’s tie: thetiebar.com // Groom’s tie bar clip: 9design on Etsy // Groomsmen attire: Ralph Lauren Shirts, Dockers