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A Couple. A Horse. And a Half-Eaten Prop.

Sydney loves horses. She grew up riding horses and when it came time for her engagement session, Sydney and her fiancĂ© Andrew chose to include that part of her life […]

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Bring Out the Whipped Cream and Let’s Get Naked!

Okay, NOW get your mind out of the dirty dishwasher! It’s not what you think! As a follow up to our blueberry cobbler post last week, we want to talk […]

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Look Like a Pro! Easy Peasy Blueberry Cobbler Recipe

If you saw our morning post about Katharyn and Joshua’s sweet (and kinda sexy) cooking engagement session, you know you’re in for a treat! KT has agreed to share her […]

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Sweet Love Making in the Kitchen

Okay, get your mind out of that dirty sink disposal. We're not gonna show you some sexy pictures on this blog (unless it involves Channing Tatum or Matthew McConaughey... okay, [...]

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A Modern Ode to Red White & Blues

Fourth of July is 2 days away and we all have places to go, barbecues to host, pool parties to attend, and you gotta look good, because you know how […]

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