In the last year, we worked hard to get to know you better especially through instagram. We adore you readers, but let’s forge our friendship, and create a stronger community. So we buckled up, dug dip, asked the right questions and discovered why you love what you love, what makes you so special and unique, and most importantly what matters to you. Then we teamed up with our favorite friends to help us create a a super fun shoot and adorable video that expresses your personality traits, and I think we’re close. What do you think? Can you relate? Tell us, are you an Utterly Engaged girl?


You believe in love and are super passionate about life. That means you believe in giving more of yourself to others. You #loveauthentic.

You always see the good in others. And you’re not afraid to tell them how much you adore them!

You always have the travel bug. Near and far.

You are known for your loud laugh. Hey, it’s the cure for everything. It’s even better if you cry while laughing.

Dance party? Any where. Any place. You love to dance and you’re known to bust into your secret dance move when the occasion calls for it. Gangham style? Oh you got it down.

You know a good design when you see one. Your friends admire your bold confidence of being able to choose and combine bold colors, patterns, and textures.

You can rock an expensive pair of heels but would rather be in comfy and really cute flats. Your closet is a mix of luxury, vintage and comfy basics.

Your besties mean the world to you. You believe that patience, honesty, integrity, forgiveness, vulnerability and being transparent is the glue that creates lasting relationships.

You are known to be smart, resourceful, fearless and creative especially when it’s for a worthy cause and matters of the heart, such as making sure your family and friends know they are loved.

And lastly, you can never say no a glitter dress, a perfectly good macaron, amazing cocktails, good company and of course a good dance party.


  1. […] We had the pleasure of working with our friends of Utterly Engaged (ya know, the beautiful online wedding magazine?) on a promo film for their very first official magazine in PRINT! They have since now released three volumes! So so exciting! We love {finally} being able to see the recap of the gorgeous full styled shoot and loved working with such an awesome team! To see the full feature, click here. […]