January 5

The Utterly Engaged Beauty Resolutions for 2012

I know you’ve heard it a million times: it’s a new year, a fresh start, out with the old in with the new! But it’s kinda true. Starting a new year gives us a chance to reflect on who we are or were and how we want to grow and change in the future – even in the smallest of ways. Now that I’ve gotten all deep on you, the UE team decided that for 2012 we need to switch up our beauty routines! Thus our Beauty Resolutions for 2012 were born.

We are all busy gals but that is no excuse not to take some extra time and maybe spend a little extra dough on making ourselves feel and look great. We deserve it and so do you!
This one is tough for some of us (me!). As tempting as it is to try and put that zit out of its misery, popping it will only make it angry and call its posse (other angry pimples) so whenever you even think about touching that little monster, imagine 3 more just like him.

For 2012 we are banishing teen wolf eyebrows. Pluck ‘em, wax em, thread em, whatever you gotta do. Brows frame your whole face and they should be taken very very seriously.


‘Nuff said.


We love our coffees and our teas, and sometimes (shhh…) even our sodas. But nothing can substitute for drinking water. There is a reason that a large percentage of our bodies are made up of this stuff. Replenish often!

Sometimes the latest beauty trends don’t look great on everyone. But that being said, there is no shame in trying them out! Who knows, that bright orange lipstick could be your new trademark color.

I have wanted to do a ballerina bun for at least 6 months. For whatever reason I am afraid to actually rock it on a night out. But this year I am going for it!
loveThis one is most important of all. As women we are constantly bombarded with impossible standards. We spend countless hours and dollars to try and look like these women but it’s never gonna happen (they have teams of hair and makeup people as well as amazing retouchers). But perfect isn’t real. Instead we need to take a long hard look at ourselves and accept and even embrace our own beauty. Until then, no shade of lipstick and no man can truly make us feel beautiful.

So there you have it, girls. Beauty Resolutions for 2012 from us to you. Cheers to a happier, more beautiful year!

Lauren M. for the Utterly Engaged team


PS. Our February Issue no. 19 will be dedicated to Beauty & Health! If you love this post, you’re in for a treat! (Vendors, if you’d like to to be part of the Resource Guide in that issue, you can e-mail Henny at



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