The Chase is Over. Say Hello to WedPics!

Five years ago, when I was planning my wedding, my favorite part was the day after the wedding. Not because I was glad that the wedding day was over with, but because I woke up to my now husband. The feeling of finally calling each other husband and wife was one of the best days of my life (I’m sure the next one would be when I get pregnant).  I loved the time that morning after because we got to share stories and look at all the pictures our family and friends took on Facebook. It was so much fun to see what I didn’t get to see, especially all the moments that were captured through their eyes.

Now with the creation of amazing photo apps like Instagram, brides, you are so lucky to experience what we got to experience but 10 times more! But one problem I noticed is how to gather all the images in one place without having everyone hashtag your wedding and contacting every single guest to send you pictures. The idea of tracking them down can be quite overwhelming (trust us, we’ve been there!). But we found the perfect solution and we just had to tell you about! It’s a free app called WedPics!


Using WedPics is like having your own personal hashtag, but so much cooler! Once you sign up to create your own app, throughout the wedding night you can have your guests upload their photos to the app, or upload them from their digital cameras afterwards. Not only could you add pictures, but video too! And the best part is you can print the pictures or download them from the app too. Cool, right?!


And why wait for the wedding day to capture the moments, you can create this app when you start your wedding planning process. That way you and your family and friends can capture every single moment of your wedding planning process, like shopping for your gown, the bridal shower, the rehearsal dinner (but maybe not the bachelorette party but you get the idea). Gosh, where was WedPics when I was getting married?

If you haven’t download it yet, you should give it a try. I bet that when you look back the day after, you’re going to savor all the moments leading up to the big day and be glad that you have them all captured. Thank you WedPics for creating such a brilliant idea! I just wish I was the one that thought of it 🙂

– Lucia

(Images courtesy of WedPics)


We got married two weeks ago and used WedPics...absolutely LOVED it! We had a destination wedding in St Johns, so it was perfect for friends and family who weren't able to make it. Our guests who did make the trip were awesome and uploaded soooo many photos. I'm completely obsessed with the's just really nice to have our photos right there whenever we want to look at them (which is like all the time lol)!