Jonathan Adler, Parker Palm Springs, Mid-Century Modern Wedding Inspiration Board

Gosh that title was a mouth full! But it was truly all that and more. Those words spun off and and idea for a wedding and this inspiration board was created. Sweet Emilia Jane imagined this wedding to be for a design-savvy couple who drooled over Dwell Magazine and daydream of brunch at The Parker in Palm Springs.  The couple appreciated great style but never take themselves too seriously. I think she hit it spot on. Sweet Emilia Jane called it “Cheeky Modern” and it was featured in our our current issue, #14. Go take a look if you haven’t seen it yet.



photo credits: interior room damian russell, justine ungaro, utterly engaged issue#12
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Since there were so many amazing images for this shoot, we thought we’d featured some DIY’s from the feature in our blog instead. They are so simple and so fun! The first one she shared with us, is how she made these adorable moss initials.


Frame (ours are Ribba from IKEA)
Sheet moss (Michael’s)
White cardstock paper
Xacto knife

Print out your letters in the font and size you want (one letter per piece of paper).  Using the exacto knife carefully cut along the edges of the letter.  Using the back of your frame as a guide cut your paper so it fits snugly in the frame.  Cut the sheet moss ½” smaller than your frame.  Place the initial against the glass of your frame and the moss directly behind it.  Secure the back of the frame so that the letter and moss are firmly in place and don’t move around.  Display near your guestbook or cake table!


Our second DIY project is inspired from Jonathan Adler’s Mod Love Pillow.


Two 18” pillows with white pillowcases (if you don’t have white pillowcases to spare here is a resource guide to follow)
Four different colored 8”x11” pieces of felt (we used the same as the Jonathan Adler pillow in our inspiration board)
Straight Pins
Scissors (both regular and fabric)
Fabric Glue

Print out your letters and heart shape in the font and size you want.  Carefully cut out each letter and the heart.  Pin the cut outs to the felt and, with your fabric scissors, cut out the felt using the paper as a guide.   Decide where you want to place the letters and heart on each pillow.  Place a line of fabric glue along the edges of the backside of your letters.  Carefully place onto each pillow and let dry for 24 hours.  Display on your chairs or in a photo booth!



Design + Coordination: Sweet Emilia Jane
Photography: Kira Grinberg
Floral Design: Sweet Emilia Jane for the The Floral Lab
Cake: Sweet and Saucy Shop
Make up: Carissa Ferreri
Dress: Anne Barge from Bliss Bride
Models: Kristi + Nate


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