February 25

Blair Nadeau 2015 Collection


Today, we’re excited to share Blair Nadeau’s collection of beautifully handcrafted yesteryear inspired, ethereal millinery and bridal sashes.  I hope you love it just as much as we do! Here’s Blair’s inspiration behind her new collection

This season we dove into vintage archives to create a fantastic collection inspired by weddings of years past.  We were entralled by the beauty of yester-year. The gracefulness of brides from the early 1900’s and as well brides from the elizabethan era.  We handcrafted veils fitting for a bride in the 1910’s and crowns fit for a queen.




Silks were our fabrics of choice, as natural a fibre as they come, we created soft tissue like flowers that dance upon many of our veils and headpieces.  Taking a cue from olden culture, we hand painted many of the flowers using silk dyes and inks to create beautiful three-dimensional floral sculptures.




New to our range this season, we have begun handcrafting beautiful dress sashes, both romantic and daring, sashes that would make a bride from the 1900’s blush, but a bride from the 1920’s eyes light up in delight.




Colour played an important part in this collection as we experimented with shades of mint, blush, opal, pale yellow and sage, all tones that were used thoughtfully to convey palette of yesterday.  Metals and the mixing of metals became a key message as we began designing, mixing silvers, golds and rose golds to make elegant crowns and headpieces.




As this collection was inspired by the past, we wanted to pay tribute to all of those that have supported us from childhood and through the journey of both Blair Nadeau Millinery and this current collection.  Each piece has been named after the individual who it reflects, important people in our past and current life.  Our mothers, grandmother, family, best friends, close friends current and past are all honored in this collection as each of these people have touched our life in such a special way.

This collection, grand in it’s scale, but grown out of simplicity, is delicately finished to the last bead. Born from simple ideals, this collection allowed me to reflect, wonder and ponder my past, present and future.  It allowed me to visit a simplier time, step back and create something worthwhile for generations to come.

Blair Nadeau




CREDITS: Photography by: Whitney Heard //  Jewellery & Assistant Styling: Hattie Dunstan //  Makeup & Hair (style shoot): Maya Goldenberg //  Makeup & Hair (collection shoot): Sheri of Toronto Bridal Style //  Model - Blonde: Natasha of Spot6 Model Management //  Model - Brunette: Amanda of Spot6 Model Management //  Irish Wolfhounds - Donna of Castlekeep Irish Wolfhounds //  Clothing: Urban Outfitters //  Shoot Assistant: Janet Cheung  //  Location: Home of Gail (Hattie`s Aunt)  //  Shoot Concept & Overall Styling: Blair Nadeau

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January 29

Sweet Vintage Fall Wedding in Southern California


HOW DID THEY MEET? Ethan and Mandie grew up miles from one another but didn’t meet until college. They met through mutual friends at a party one night and quickly realized their infatuation with one another was something real.








THEIR PROPOSAL While taking a trip to the East coast to visit some of Ethan’s family and Mandie’s high school friend. While exploring Boston, they stopped at a coffee shop and as she hugged him, she felt something in his jacket pocket. The look on his face and the denial that it was “nothing,” had her pretty sure that it was indeed something. Nut she dropped the thought and a couple stops later he asked her to marry him inside of a photo booth and of course she said yes. “I may have ruined his original plans, but the proposal was still perfect.”








FAVORITE DESIGN DETAILS “I think I had so many different styles that I tried to incorporate in the wedding that I can’t really define it. More than anything I wanted it to be simple and reflective of us. I loved the variety of colors we used, the way we were able to incorporate the natural beauty of our surroundings with the use of elegant accents that were handpicked and renovated by ourselves and the help of our families.” - Mandie





FAVORITE WEDDING MOMENT “Watching my Dad break it down on the dance floor, listening to toasts from loved ones, learning to tie an eldredge knot with my brother, enjoying a cup of ice cream on our couch before joining the reception, enjoying our coffee bar, getting our first moment alone after the ceremony.” - Mandie

ADVICE TO BRIDES “Make it your own. Figure out what expresses you as a couple and stick to that idea. There are millions of options and images and ideas out there that it is easy to follow someone else’s tastes, but the favorite things about my wedding are the unique ideas that we came up with together, things that were perfect because they represented exactly who we were.” - Mandie










WEDDING DETAILS  Photographer: Lydia Messenger Photography //  Caterer: Kopper Kettle Kafe // Dress Designer: Nicole Miller // Floral Designer: Hockridge Florist //  Location: Forest Falls - Lakeview Feild // Suits: LA fashion district  //  Socks: Stance socks  //  Engraved Pocket Watches: Etsy  //  Favors: DIY coffee mugs  //  Entertainment: IAC PRO events  //  Cinematographer: Lucrida Productions //  Makeup Artist & Hair Stylist: Randall Tompkins

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January 7

Eclectic Charming Wedding at Condor’s Nest Ranch


Emily met Will at a business lunch she wasn’t even supposed to be at. A unique situation that led to sharing a few drinks at a little dive bar in downtown Dallas, to sharing secrets, and into friendship that blossomed. They may have started off as friends, but every time they met, their connection grew stronger. Soon it was harder and harder not to find reasons to be together. So Will took a bold chance, and took Emily on a “date” date. It was then the flame of their love sparked.


jenniferfujikawaphoto_condornestranchwedding3white_square jenniferfujikawaphoto_condornestranchwedding4



jenniferfujikawaphoto_condornestranchwedding7 white_squarejenniferfujikawaphoto_condornestranchwedding8

Story of their proposal
They were on vacation in Phuket, Thailand and one night, while watching the sunset behind Big Buddha, Will asked Emily to spend the rest of her life with him and was rewarded with a resounding yes.



jenniferfujikawaphoto_condornestranchwedding11white_square jenniferfujikawaphoto_condornestranchwedding12


What are some of your favorite memories from wedding date?
Our wedding was located on at the top of a hill and deeper in the valley, there is a resort hidden away. Later in the reception we were enjoying a drink, taking in the scenery, when all of a sudden, gorgeous fireworks were set off by the resort and lit up the entire sky! Many people thought we coordinated them, but it was just an awesome coincidence. Even though our engagement photos weren’t a part of our wedding day, we thought it is worth mentioning. The owners of Condor’s Nest Ranch were extremely gracious in letting us use the ranch for pictures…where we way too much fun! We decided to wrap-up with a grand finale of a, Holi Powder, Paint War (an environmentally-friendly powder in the most vibrant colors you can imagine)! It was nothing shy of exploding colors, flying through the air (and a bit of tactical strategy) and we had a blast!!


jenniferfujikawaphoto_condornestranchwedding17white_square jenniferfujikawaphoto_condornestranchwedding18

jenniferfujikawaphoto_condornestranchwedding19white_square jenniferfujikawaphoto_condornestranchwedding20



Tell us about your style and your favorite creative / design details from your wedding day?
We like a real mish-mash of eras & styles and since we both have Texas roots, we wanted our wedding to have a real, “Texas meets California” feel, but with our “modern-eclectic with an old-soul swing” style. With that (mouthful) in mind, a few of our favorite touches were: the tiny twinkling lights hung outdoors over the seating area. To add a more personal touch, we printed family photos (many dating 20-30+ years) and displayed them throughout the reception. Finally, since we’re not exactly the traditional type, we decided against using the “table number system” for our reception dinner. Instead, we created table themes. In other words, we comprised a list of hobbies and things we enjoy, and collected items and found objects that best represented them. Each tables’ centerpiece was its own unique theme, mixed with an array of succulents and messy wildflowers. Guests could identify their table from our escort door, which listed the names below photos of each theme.

jenniferfujikawaphoto_condornestranchwedding32white_square jenniferfujikawaphoto_condornestranchwedding33


jenniferfujikawaphoto_condornestranchwedding25white_square jenniferfujikawaphoto_condornestranchwedding26


jenniferfujikawaphoto_condornestranchwedding34 white_squarejenniferfujikawaphoto_condornestranchwedding35




jenniferfujikawaphoto_condornestranchwedding38 white_squarejenniferfujikawaphoto_condornestranchwedding39



What piece of advice would they tell a couple trying to plan their own wedding?
Binders are bullshit. Use an online tool (we used Basecamp) to coordinate people and tasks or you’ll just get destroyed. Hire a pro planner / coordinator to help you if you can and hire helpers for setup and day-of at minimum. Oh, and if the dress rips, don’t sweat it. Enjoy your day. It will still be perfect.


CREDITS:  Photographer: Jennifer Fujikawa Photography //  Floral Designer: FantasyFloralDesigns //  Ceremony Location: The Condor’s Nest Ranch //  Floral Designer: Fantasy Florals //  Event Planner: Ace The Day Weddings + Events //  Caterer: Dalena’s BBQ  //  Officiant: Deborah Young Ceremonies //  Etsy Designer: fantasy floral //  Dress Store: L’ezu Atelier Bridal //  Bakery: The French Gourmet //  DJ: Universal DJ Services //  Makeup Artist: Vanity Belle Beauty Boutique