Samantha {Primary Petals}

Look great Lucia & Henny! Thank you so much for helping us with the designer showcase. I need to get this one on my website asap. :)

Jennifer Tai

So honored to be featured in your beautiful magazine. Thank you!

Melanie Benson

Wow we are in such good company. Thanks so much for the feature.


This magazine is pure art! I absolutely love it.

Sandra Fazzino

I have to agree with Marleneā€¦ such a beautiful publication. I’m completely in love with it! I am honored to have been able to share Hazel + Marc’s love through my camera lens and to see it published here today. Blessed!!!

Robert Ingraham

Fantastic - thanks so much for letting me be a part of it!


it really was inspirational :) <3


Lovely ezine! Absolutely Beautiful!
I’m so glad to have been featured!

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