Love, love, love everything about this. One Handspun Day really knocked this one out of the park. Touched my heart and makes me want to get married! Thank you so much for this issue…..


Gosh, what a breathtaking issue! Utterly Engaged never fails to impress and inspire…even for those of us who aren’t planning a wedding. Thank you for creating such a bright space online! xo Ez

Denise Van Arsdale-West

Very exciting to see these stunning photos on this issue and to have been part of working with all the amazing artists who created it!

Kym {Love Wed Bliss}

Congratulations on another breathtaking issue. The intense colours and imagery in ‘Return to the Earth’ blew me away!

Primary Petals

Thanks for featuring Primary Petals again! We had so much fun working on the “Painted Little Fines” shoot, and we hope everyone likes the flowers and tablescape!

ginny branch stelling

Thank you so, so much for featuring Ali Harper’s and my shoot. Such an honor to be featured alongside so many other talented people in this issue. AND I LOVE 100 layer cake’s engagement shoot!

The Yodsukars {Photographic & Cinematic}

Woo! Thank you so very much for featuring The Yodsukars Highlight Film of One Handspun Day’s styled shoot “Painted Little Things”! The entire issue spoke to my heart and soul, and we are truly blessed to be a part of this. As I like to say, “Wherever you find yourself is where you are meant to be.” =)

The Feather Place

“Return to Earth”…….Beautiful and so Romantic!


simply beautiful…

Randi Kaufman

Loved the issue but suggest not putting hyperlinks along the page turning feature. The “accidental” pop ups from hitting the links instead is a little annoying.


Randi, Thank you so much for the tip!

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