deb walls

What a gorgeous table. I host many corporate events and would love to work with such a talented design team. Great job!

Primary Petals

Thank you Utterly Engaged for featuring yet another Primary Petals wedding (page 42). We had so much fun styling and providing flowers for Andy & Courtney’s nuptial, as they are an amazing couple. Thank you for featuring us in the color issue, as you know well we love color here at Primary Petals!


Thanks so much for not one but TWO features ladies!!!! The magazine looks beautiful!

Catherine Leo

Thank you so much UE for allowing us to be a part of this issue! It is seriously such an honor! THANK YOU THANK YOU a million times!


Congrats Kirstie and Shelby on a much-deserved win!


Can you tell me who makes the dress on page 101? I LOVE IT!!!

Karla @ Foodologie

Courtney and Andy’s wedding was amazing! I loved making the pies in jars as wedding favors for them. Thanks for the feature!

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