Really beautiful issue!


wowww I see valentino shoes, great wedding photos and loving those bouquets!!! great wedding details for bride and groom.. definitely a great mag must have for every bride.

Mary P

You ladies are AMAZING! Fabulous issue!

Mary P

Btw, I especially love the black and white photos!


Do you know what brand the sequin dress is that is worn in the Casa de Perrin shoot? Thank you!


Love this cover shot!!! So elegant and beautiful..

Hazel Bourget

I can’t get over how glam chic the new cover looks like. Nice work ladies. I have had this issue open on my desktop since its release and don’t want to close it!!!


hey guys, I loved your latest issue! it’s absolutely great! well done!
could you please tell me which flowers are featured in the bouquet on page 69? i am pretty sure there are white peonies in it but I can’t really decipher the rest……shame on me! thanks!

Jenna Tregenza

Beautiful!! Loved it all!!

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