This photoshoot is just gorgeous!!! Amazing talent!!

Tessa Kim

Beautiful! Thank you so much for including one of my headpieces :D

Encore Bridal

It struck me that Dallas Shaw’s fashion illustrations are a really a new way to “preserve” a bride’s wedding gown. I could see this being hung in a bedroom or walk-in closet, or even placed on a woman’s desk. The drawing preserves the memory of her gown in a way that she can enjoy on a daily basis. Then, she can sell or donate her actual gown after her wedding.

chris fogarty

Very nice job Green Orchid Events. and the platinum hotel is a good choice for a view of the strip. The whole wedding was nicely done. way to go girls.

Witty and in Love

What an awesome Issue! It was packed with beautiful inspiration and great graphic design! You ladies rock!


I love love love the dress on the far left on page 148…who is the designer for that? Didn’t see it on Romona Keveza’s site…

Volatile Photography

Awesome! : )


The makeup is amazing!! I know who to look for on my wedding day now!!


HI Kristie! Isn’t it a beautiful gown. It is Romona Keveza. It’s from their Fall 2010 collection. http://www.romonakeveza.com/collections/bridal/2010/fall/index.html 1st page 5th one. Here’s a closer look http://www.marthastewartweddings.com/photogallery/romona-keveza-fall-2010-collection#slide_3


I’d love to see this issue but for some reason I cannot charge it, I get an error message. I’ve tried with different brwoser (internet explorer, safari, firefox) but still nothings shows.
Weird, because I had no problem watching all previous issues. Can anyone help please, I’m dying to see it in full!!


Carole! Hi. Oh no. We are actually updating the magazine right now. You should be able to view it in an hour. Thanks for your patience. Warmly, Lucia


Still not working I’m afraid…


I love looking at everything in your e-mag. The photos are always so amazing! Love the new fresh face vendors too! :)

WedinStyle Vietnam Wedding Planner

Very very nice and amazing. Thank you for sharing the beautiful inspiration! I want to see moreeeee


Those shoes are gorgeous! Who makes them?


I’m in love with the wedding dress on p. 83! So gorgeous! Does anyone know where it’s from?

Kent Wedding Photographer

Love this photoshoot, the black and white images at the window are particularly stunning. Nick


Who is the designer for the dress on the far right of page 149? it’s stunning!


I think all the things people are doing towards the Japan with Love project are great and should inspire us all!


New to this site and I love everything about this emag! I must say that the dress on page 69 has totally caught my eye, who is the designer for it, Im dying to get a closer look!


Was so excited to just stumble upon Utterly Engaged, but am disappointed there are not credits with so many of the beautiful images. Please tell me I’m just missing them somewhere?

The ring, dresses, and shoes in “Words Are Not Enough” are beautiful- I’d love to know where they are from!



Such a pretty magazine - very inspiring!

I just wondered if you could tell me about the dress on page 142? Where’s it from? I really want to see it in full!

Thanks! becky x


Who designs the dress on page 11 and 17. It’s exactly what I’ve been looking for but so hard to find! Love the magazine! I’ll be getting idea’s from you til next June!


Hi Grace! It’s by Delphine Manivet


Make sure you selected ENGLISH on the top right
Click on Bride > Les “Longues”

They have a shop in NY. So maybe you can start there :) I hope you get the dress! It’s truly beautiful and adorable!


gosh, such lovely images!
can you please tell me who designed the dress on page 10?


ohhhh I found it! Delphine Manivet! thank you!

T. Eunice

Really great issue and the features were well done! Definitely liked the way the layout went for every item in this, it felt very fluid going through every page.

Deacon Tyler

Incredible work! As a Las Vegas wedding photographer myself, it does me proud whenever I see such a well shot and flat out GORGEOUS pic of the strip. Excellent job and congrats to our friends at Green Orchid Events!

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