If you mind at all on page 182, where it says how long has she been doing this, it says “pver” instead of “over … years.”


can you tell me where they got these beautiful bridesmaid dresses ?


anon- thanks! we will fix that.

melissa - we would love to. which dresses are you referring to?


melissa, please let me know which page so that I can point you in the right direction. :) xoxo, UE

diana elizabeth

thanks ladies for including my photo for the tear jerker mini issue (p 247) i appreciate it!! xoxo!


for some reason, I can’t see issue 14.. How do I see it?


susan, refresh and try again. it should be ok now :)

Kelly Wince

Thank you so much for including my daughter’s picture (pg237) in your e-magazine. What a beautiful tribute not only for my daughter, but for those who came forward and gave them their fairytale wedding. Beautiful issue!

Kelly Wince

Correction pg 253…


Thanks for including me as the Fresh Vendor Lucia! I’ve already received some great responses. :)


We are so honored to see our image on page 220 - THANK YOU!


The Cloud 9 shoot is so awesome & beautiful! Thanks so much for including Chinnylulu Design’s hair accessory!

Meaghan at ellyB Events

I have OFFICIALLY become an obsessed fan of Utterly Engaged Magazine!!! The magazine not only shared inspiring ideas and captured amazing events and weddings but the layout of the issue kept me wanting more

viv @ the eclectic life

Love what you guys do in your magazines and love the way you came together with Ever Ours to create For Japan With Love. I’m a huge fan of both your design eye and giving hearts!

Lisa Gilbert

I am completely mesmerized — I’m in love with each and every image in this issue! Absolutely gorgeous and inspiring. Thank you for sharing all of this creativity and beauty.


I love the wrapping the little plants with decorative paper idea! I might do that….

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