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Thank you so much for the wonderful feature ladies!! I’m so thrilled to be featured in Utterly Engaged.



Josh Smith

This is one of the most amazing Wedding industry sites on the web. Lots of great features in this issue. Really appreciate the Manswers. We are too often forgetten on what is just as big of a day for us!

Emily Porter

So beautiful, all of it. Great work. Can’t wait to dig in even more and start taking notes for my April wedding. :)


You ladies have put together a fabulous magazine…. I’m completely honoured to have been featured! Thank you so SO much. Mwah xo

jessica anderson

So, I’ve obviously been living under a rock, as I only just discovered this awesome mag through Kate’s (Magnolia Rouge) blog. It is superb! And overflowing with original, inspiring ideas! Thankyou clever ladies. I’m now signed up for future issues x jess

Kate (Floret Cadet)

Lindy Ly’s Japanese inspired pastel wedding was GORGEOUS! Those cotton candy colored hydrangeas in the cherry blossom patterened paper wrapped vases are pretty much to die for. Loved this feature! (Want to eat these flowers, is that weird? ; )


Gorgeous magazine! FYI-There is an error in the spelling of the word “losing” on the upper right corner of this page. It has an extra “o”. :> Love your magazine!! I got married in April but I still love to look at it.


P. 98. :>


Michelle! Thanks for telling us. You are too sweet. Congratulations on being a MRS! We love hearing from our past brides :)

nancy {so happi together}

LOVE this cover and issue, ladies! Great job!!!


What a wonderful find! Love the format, the cover and the issue! Well done!

jen lauren grant

I love Utterly Engaged so much! Thanks for the Dapper Dandy Party feature - that event was STUNNING & I’m so grateful I got to photograph it!! xoxo


gorgeous pictures! So glad I found this!

Alison Antone

Love your magazine! Wish I was getting married all over again to use you as inspiration! I will definitely pass on the word to my bridal customers.


This magazine is the nicest one I’ve seen for brides to be. I’m so glad I found it. It truly is amazing.


tutto sex

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