I think that there may be a problem with this issue. When I click on the pages, it goes back to issue no. 11…Maybe I’m doing something wrong though? Just wanted to give you a heads up! : )


Hi Jennifer, thank you for the heads up. We’re still working on uploading the pages for this issue. Please come back to check out the issue after the front page has been updated with all the new stuff. Thanks!

Brit @ Landlocked Bride

Seriously drooling over that cake! Looks like a baked alaska!

harlow ~ monroe vintage boutique

What a fabulous issue! It makes us want to get married all over again. And congratulations on your 1st Anniversary!

Kristine Crawford

Congrats UE! I love the magazine, been following for a few months now! Keep up the great material.


Never an issue that ceases to amaze. :))

Melissa - Keith Pitts Photography

Happy 1st Birthday! Beautiful!

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