This was my fave!!!! So crisp and so clean, clean. The perfect balance of sophistication, whimsy, and special details to personalize the whole table. LOVED it!!!!!!!

Linda Colby

Where can you purchase those white string balls? They are so pretty and would go great with our daughter’s wedding. :) It’s my fave too!

naOmi jOnes

Floral stylist from sydney - ” well done! think its just fabulous, simple and striking. wow!”


Linda, I wish I could tell you where you can purchase the white string balls but they were DIY-ed by the florist. Isn’t it great. We will try to have the florist do a DIY tutorial for everyone. THANKS for compliments ladies :)


I totally heart this deisgn too. Please please ask the lovely florist about the string ball DIY tutorial.


This is by far my favorite!!! LOVE your style!


I would love to see a DIY tutorial on how to make these!

Grace Magallanes

These are so awesome ! I would like to know how you made these. I have seen so any tutorials but , I am kind of confused . Some sites say glue , water , & cornstarch. Some say starch. Etc…. I want to make these for our Pastor appreciation service . And this seems to be something I can afford . I would greatly appreciate it.

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