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Kelley Lee Gin of Picture Perfect Events, and Eva Chiou of Red Velvet Occasions




Love this idea! I’m planning a kid’s party that these would be perfect for, thanks for the inspiration! I’ve shared on my blog::


A great idea! But I have a doubt. Once you blow Does
the paper back to his site? To me is stretched.


This is a fab idea, unfortunately it just doesn’t work. I just made one of these and while you can blow it out the first time, it then goes limp and doesn’t retract into the curled shape. You now have a flat long tube that you are blowing. Doesn’t interest my child after the first blow. :(


Deborah, It should work. What kind of paper are you using? It has to be a little thicker than normal paper.

rachel mcgee

It looks like you used like a wrapping paper? Would thick cardstock not work?


What is velum?


Great question! Vellum is a type of paper that’s translucent. Great for wedding invitations and for any other type of paper alternatives that you’re looking to use for your wedding. I hope that answers your questions :)


I have tried three different kinds of paper, all differing in weight and cannot get it to retract after the first blow - any ideas would be appreciated - thanks


Here are better instructions if you are wanting to make this:


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