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Hello, is their a way to print a copy, maybe a pdf version?? I would love to print and take a look at it over tea. Thanks!


Aisha, Yes! We’re working on one. So there should be some few surprises in the near future. thanks for the input!

Patricia Shea

The colour palette of your cover photograph is so sublimely delicious, I love the type fonts and layout too…beautiful, Thank you!!

hello, friend.

LADIES, congrats!! issue 3 is GORGEOUS. you are all amazing. + congrats to henny!!!!! can’t wait to meet little hannah! and lastly, thank you for letting me be a part of your amazing e-zine: i am truly honored! and am so glad to have met you! lucia, if you want to make those books for your wedding, let me know: i can provide you all the charms or whatever you need! ;) xo.


Congrats, lovely images, fresh ideas for all brides, all the best


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