Love your eMag tons. This issue is great and so was the last. Love the details and the portraits are stunning as well. I’d love to shoot for you in one of these upcoming issues!


Utterly swoonsome!

I am doing research for my wedding and the 2nd mag is as charming as the first!


You hit it out of the park again, ladies! Absolutely loved it. Can’t wait for the next one :)

Kayleen T.

WOW! amazing emag! I’m already married but love everything about weddings. There was a lot of helpful information even if you’re not planning a wedding. I loved the organic cakes, and all the DIY crafts! Can’t wait to read issue 3!


Love it. I will be sure to keep reading along.

Denise Gastelum

I just love this e-magazine. Amazing photos!


Great job! Love your magazine, i’ve posted it on my blog because I really think it’s a great idea and it’s really well done, beautiful pictures and colours.


Sorry I just forgot to put in my url!


Stunning photos and beautiful layouts! Nice avenue for Brides to research and plan for their weddings!

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