simply divine.

peggy forma

lovely, inspiring pictures


Congrats on an AWESOME site! Love all the features! I’ll be back!

The Budget Brides Handbook

We love your site and the magazine! We have decided to add you to our wedding resource listing. Keep up the good work.


I can’t get over how gorgeous this is! The photos are lovely, and you all just did an all-around outstanding job. I’m definitely coming back for more, and will be blogging about it!



Awesome magainze!!! Very excited to see digital taking off, and the layout is great!

Your Champagne Wishes Events

Congratulations on the E-Magazine. It is beautiful!

Michelle Guzman Photographers

Wow. I love the look of this site. It’s beautiful. I found this through twitter.

Jenny Liu

That cake is simply divine !

Kimberly Barrett

Loved all of the thoughtful comments and the layout is super! I have added you to my favorites. http://the-mother-of-the-bride.blogspot.com


you do such an amazing display here! i just adore your site. lovely, lovely work!

KrisD Mauga

WOW- I love that cake!


Love this cake! Does anyone know where I can find this cake topper? Thanks! :)

Event Graphics

These look so pretty! Definitely inspiring, anyone knows how often a new issue will come out?


So pretty!


You have such a wonderful eye for beauty and the unique!


wow…amazing cake…i love it…so inspirational…


I love e-magazines. I’m new to your web site, but I’m having fun felling inlove with it. Thank you so much for posting them up.


I love the birds on top! where can i find these?

katrina mary kehrer

iam get married hazelynut to me .

Emma Buzec

Loving Utterly Engaged! Cant believe I’ve only found you!


Emma! Yea! We’re so glad you found us too. Enjoy!

Burnett's Boards

I came across you guys on twitter - Love the magazine!

Terrilyn Flinton

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Love the magazine!


Love ur magazine!

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